Fastback® Binderstrips (Box of 100)

Powis Parker

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Fastback® Binderstrips use thermoplastic adhesive that holds each sheet of paper, making each bind exceptionally strong and durable. This unique adhesive offers flexibility too. When you need to make revisions, the document can be reheated, released and resealed.

They come in three different widths to accommodate documents from three to more than three-hundred and fifty sheets. Available in an assortment of lengths and a wide variety of colors to complement your choice of covers it will complete the look to any document.

Custom, on-demand titles and/or logos and other information can be added to the binderstrips with the strip printer or by foil stamping, attaching a label or writing on it.

Narrow strips bind up to 1/2" thick or 125 sheets.
Medium strips bind up to 1" thick or 250 sheets.
Wide strips bind up to 1 1/2" thick or 350 sheets

*All colors may not be sold in every length - please check availability above.

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