ECO S 360 - Wire Punch & Bind

ECO S 360 - Wire Punch & Bind


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The ECO-S 360's durable and compact design provides users an efficient workflow while still looking great in the office. It includes a high quality, fully adjustable manual wire closer and fully disengageable punching pins to allow for binding any size of book up to fourteen inches in length.

It can also be upgraded to an electric machine with the simple addition of an electric modular drive motor. (Contact us for pricing.) The ECO S360 is the only machine that allows for this type of upgrade. Making it easier for growing organizations to upgrade their existing machine without the need to buy a whole new system should volume increase.

  • Punches up to 30 sheets.
  • Binds up to 340 sheets.
  • 2:1 pitch pattern.
  • 28 individually disengageable punch pins.
  • Book thickness gauge.
  • Wire size gauge.
  • Wire holder.
  • Easy adjust closer.
  • All metal construction.

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