Pro Series 3250CL Electric Coil Binding System

Pro Series 3250CL Electric Coil Binding System


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Turn loose sheets into impressive looking documents with this professional coil binding system. Quickly punch 25 sheets at a time – no more time-consuming and tiring manual punching.

Designed for office use, this system features on-demand punching – motor doesn’t run continuously and is quieter to operate while also conserving energy. The system’s self-lubricating dies keep you punching at maximum capacity.

Its large and powerful coil roller quickly zips the coil into place, ready for you to cut and crimp the coil ends with the crimper tool which is included. For binding thicker books, the built-in book-former aligns punched sheets for easier coiling.

  • Punches 25 sheets at a time.
  • 11" vertical throat with book stop.
  • Self-lubricating dies.
  • Auto-reverse to clear jams.
  • Quiet on-demand punching motor.
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty on machine.
  • Includes coil crimper tool.

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